A problem with the video

What should I install on my computer?
You must install the Silverlight plugin on your computer (Mac or PC):

What is Silverlight?
Silverlight is a plugin (add multimedia) free which allows you to enjoy audio and video over the Internet in better qualities and is available for Mac & PC browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer ...)
If nothings is happening after install, please Close the browser and restart it.

How to refresh my window?
This feature allows you to solve some problems related to instability of the Internet.
Mac user (Safari, Firefox)? Simultaneously press the keys Cmd F5 on the keyboard.
PC Users (Internet Explorer, Firefox)? Press the F5 key

I have the picture but no sound
You should check the audio connections on your computer, and if necessary, the configuration of your operating system.

Can I pause the video?
No, the show is a live-broadcast.

The volume is low
Use the volume control integrated in the video window to increase the volume.


A problem with the VIP interface

How do I know if I have the VIP interface?
A text box is in the video window. You can enter your nickname and your questions This interface is limited to the first surfers.

What is the VIP interface?
If you have the VIP interface is that you can ask your questions to the artist!

How to ask his question to the artist?
Enter your username and issue, that's all!
Attention, questions are subject to validation by moderators.
No need to ask the same question several times.

My question was not asked to the artist, is this normal?
Yes. All questions are subject to moderation before publication.

How to have VIP access?
VIP Access is limited to the first visitorsHowever, seats may be released at the discretion of the show.


A problem with the Facebook interface

I do not have a Facebook account
It does not matter, the Facebook interface is public, you have a sample of contributions among the fans.
However, you can use the VIP interface to ask questions with the artist.

What is the Facebook interface?
You can publish a status associated with the event. This status can be published on your Facebook wall and visible from all your friends.
Attention: Non-contextual messages will be deleted without warning.

My question was not asked, is this normal?
Yes, the Facebook interface only lets you interact with your friends.
Only issues published by the Internet have VIP access can ask questions.


A problem with the Twitter interface

Help available soon.